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Who We Are

"Bikers for Bots, Inc. is created and designed to provide an educational development platform where students are stimulated to learn and master STEM skills. In association with the goals and principles of CORE and other academic parameters, BFB is constructed to utilize the practical application of science and mathematics in the industrial arena to introduce students to beneficial applications of those skills in their daily lives. To make learning fun, and by doing so, to awaken a thirst for knowledge that is so often missing in segments of our society.

"BFB's operational model and curriculum format provide a stimulating learning platform to support and augment the teaching of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This learning platform uses a basic introduction to robotics, computer science technology, 4-stroke combustion engine technology, and computer aided design concepts. Interwoven in the foundation of the platform are the mastery tools of STEM. BFB programs are not intended to replace the formal education taught in schools but to act as a supplemental learning environment that provides fun, hands-on activities which are conducive to positive growth. In other words, "The greater the thrills, the greater the learning."

The Co-Founders of Bikers for Bots are STEM professionals that also enjoy the excitement of riding motorcycles and attending related events. BFB is definitely calling out the biker communities to rally around this mission to step up and change lives. With that being said this organization welcomes any support from all individuals who are trying to make a difference in the life of a child.