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Welcome Letter from the President

Dear Friends,
Thank you for visiting Bikers for Bots, Inc. We are a people of eagerness, daring, tenacity, and optimism. The Co-Founders are from different walks of life, but with one common goal in mind: to bring awareness to gaining the skills, knowledge, and education that will lead to career opportunities.

In today's society, success is measured through achieving instant monetary and material gratification. Because of this perception, numerous children and young adults do not make education a priority. According to Education Week, strong science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills are essential to a well-rounded education, and every student must have a strong foundation in these subjects to succeed in virtually any job - from the shop floor to the research lab to the corporate boardroom. According to research;

    • Preparing young adults for success requires a different educational experience than it did even a generation ago.
    • Federal STEM education programs are based on evidence and coordinated for maximum impact in priority areas.
    • STEM education is no one-size-fits-all solution

As a result, students will engage and learn that STEM skills are important in many jobs that they had not previously thought about. Bikers for Bots, Inc. is about making science fun, and innovative while understanding the importance of STEM, which creates ubiquitous excitement.

The world has drastically changed during the past century. Achievement disparities are often attributed to socioeconomic factors. Besides, 24 million children in America do not live with their fathers, and a large percentage of those rarely or never see the absent parent. Consequently, this number does not include the countless children who reside with their fathers, but whose dads are emotionally and relationally distant or absent.

Bikers for Bots, Inc. continues to help students with elements they will need to know for their future task. We seek support to enhance the quality of the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics lectures and outreach programs.

Particularly, Bikers for Bots initiatives have become home to a core group of youth from local communities, and we hope to expand it to a much larger population as we continue to evolve. Even though we have had great success with the youth who are involved in our programs, it is crucial that we involve many more in these initiatives.

Friends, with your support, we can give a variety of young people access to the necessary resources to make a positive impact in the future by enhancing lives and awakening a thirst for knowledge that is so often missing in segments of our society. I would love to speak with you personally about your participation in one or more of our initiatives. I can be reached at or 256-288-7502.

Brian K Barton